Posted by: Navy Teacher | January 24, 2012

Oh, the agony…

The angst of posting a blog!  Perhaps I’m being facetious but the reality is that I have never been a fan of social media.  I didn’t have a MySpace account nor do I currently have a Facebook account.  I do not utilize any instant messaging services.  One can argue that social media is responsible for a new form of depression in America.  I attribute my aversion for social media to my service in the Navy.  It would frustrate me to no end when I’d stumble across one of my Sailor’s who was playing Farmville or some other game on their phone instead of completing their assigned job.

So, here I am posting my first blog.  I believe that blogging will be the most challenging part of the course for me.  However, I believe that it serves an important purpose.  As a future teacher, I believe that the technology tools we learn in this course, to include blogging, will help complete my teaching tool kit.  The Wallwisher and serve as excellent examples of education technology that is exciting to me.  As we progress into the 21st century, technology has become an important aspect of society and within scholastic institutions around the globe.  It behooves me as a future teacher to learn how to effectively utilize technology so I can positively impact the learning process of my students.  I am excited to learn about education technology this semester.

Side note – this one goes under the category of “don’t try this at home.”  I bought a new 16 GB thumb drive for this course.  After verifying that the thumb drive worked I placed it in my pocket.  The thumb drive managed to stay in my pocket until I washed those pants.  Fortunately, I found the thumb drive before it was placed in the dryer.  Good news ~ after allowing the thumb drive to air dry for 24 hours it still works!  I highly discourage anyone from washing their thumb drive yet I do recommend the sturdy and compact 16 GB sandisk cruzer which is available at your local Staples.



  1. I think many new to the field of learning technologies come with all sorts of similar concerns… and the fact is that tools have a way of amplifying the very best in us… and the very worst in us. Tools, then, become extensions of our humanity. We shape our tools and our tools then tend to also shape us – our culture, our society, and our world. So, one goal in this course is for us to see how we can leverage mainstream tools in powerful ways as learners. We’re all learners, right? The media does a fine job sensationalizing all that is bad about how we use new technologies and is largely silent on the significant ways that those same tools are transforming our abilities to learn, share, connect, create,… in really significant and positive ways.

    So, I look forward to sharing all of these things with you as well have the opportunity to continue discussing them in this virtual learning space.

    Oh – sorry to hear about your flash drive’s wet adventures. I’m sure it’s nice and clean now 😉

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